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Ukraine harvests over 43 mln tonnes of grains

As of October 9, Ukraine gathered 43.457mln tonnes of grains throughout the locations of 11.247mln ha (77% of the strategy). The typical return completed 3.86 t/ha, as specified by the Ministry of Agrarian Plan and also Food of Ukraine, The Financial records.

Photo from UNIAN
Image from UNIAN.

Particularly, agrarians gathered buckwheat throughout 150,000 ha (82%), and also created 168,000tonnes of the grain. The typical return completed 1.12 t/ha, inning accordance with The Financial.

As of the coverage day, agrarians gathered 74,000tonnes of millet throughout 51,000 ha (91%), with the return at 1.45 t/ha, inning accordance with APK-Inform.

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Turkish business to build a modern-day milling center in Ukraine – media Agricultural manufacturers proceeded gathering corn for grain, and also currently created 5.548mlntonnes The gathered locations got to 1.307mln ha (29%), with the return at 4.25 t/ha.

Additionally, Ukraine gathered 9.174mln tonnes of sunflower seed throughout 4.795mln ha (81%), with the typical return at 1.91 t/ha. The manufacturing quantities of soybeans got to 2.195mln tonnes, the return – 1.81 t/ha, and also the gathered locations – 1.211mln ha (61%).

Ukraine sees 3% decrease in grain usage yearly– specialist Additionally, Ukrainian agrarians grown winter months grains for the harvest-2018 throughout 5.322mln ha (74% of the strategy). Particularly, the grown locations under winter months wheat completed 4.805mln ha (78%), barley – 392,000 ha (42%), rye – 125,000 ha (78%). Agrarians currently grown winter months rapeseed throughout 813,000 ha (105%).

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